Can be used for measuring the car / battery car / motorcycle battery voltage, and other forms of voltage
Can be used in all kinds of voltage measurement purposes
Potting voltmeter head has:waterproof! Dust proof! Shockproof!
Real is three, USES the high quality transparent epoxy glue potting. Can be widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, etc., easy to deal with the bad environment.
Technical Parameters:
weight: 20g
Display color: Red
Display mode: Three 0.56 LED digital tube
update rate: About 300 ms/time
Physical size: 42 x 24 x 15 mm (L*W* H, not including installation ear)
Opening size: 42 x 24 mm (L*W)
Power supply: Don’t need the power supply, direct use of the test voltage as a power supply
Lead wire length: 9cm
The minimum input: 3.50V
The maximum input: 30.0V
Measurement range: DC3.50 – 30.0V
Operation temperature: -10 degrees~65 degrees
Measurement accuracy: ± (1% + 1 Digit)
Red line: Power Supply +,Measure Voltage +,(3.50-30.0V DC) Black line: Power Supply -, Measure Voltage-